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Brown Rice vs White Rice which one is better

If you are confused between Brown Rice vs white Rice which one is better?  then you are in right place as I am here to solve your confusion. However, according to me, both rice varieties have their own advantages. You can’t say which one is better and which one is not! Below in this article, I describe the little difference between Brown rice and white rice hope that will be sufficient to solve your confusion. So let’s go and know about them!

The term RICE, I think all of you know about rice because it is the most versatile form of grain that is consumed by people all over the world. But, do you know about different types of Rice? Well, I am sure you were not aware of other types of rice. There are different varieties of rice that come in several shapes, size and color but most popular are white and brown one.

Most of us know that majority of people chose white rice over brown rice because of its taste. White rice is much more delicious than brown rice. But, when we talk about their nutritional health benefits people said that nothing can beat brown rice.  Honestly, when I don’t know about nutritional health benefits of rice….the only known difference is that Brown rice is brown rice, and white is white. Do you Want to know the truth why brown is better over white rice? Let’s find out!

Difference between Brown Rice and White Rice

When we talk about white rice it is very controversial food in the nutritional world. This is because few nutritionists call it as “empty” source of calories so ask to avoid it while other says that it has a safe starch so it is OK to consume. While brown rice technically has more nutrients. Brown rice does not taste good but is nutritionally superior to white rice.

Brown rice contains antinutrients:

Phytic acid

Brown rice is rich in Phytic acid that is not good for our health. Actually one of my friends was suffering from tooth decay problem and her dentist asks her for working to reverse cavities that mean she has to avoid food that is rich in phytic acid and it is hard to believe that Brown rice is in the top of the list while white rice is considered as safe in moderation. The reason behind this is that in milling process bran (phytic acid lives in the bran) is removed from white rice that makes rice “ white “ instead of brown.


A few year ago, research comes out…..which gives warning against rice consumption because it is found that rice contains a high level of arsenic. The level of arsenic ( a toxic chemical) is quite high in brown rice than in white rice. According to research if you consume arsenic for a long period of time it may increase the chances of heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer. I can only say that “MODERATION CONSUMPTION IS FINE”.

High in fiber, vitamin, and minerals

When we talk about nutrient content brown rice take an advantage over white rice. Brown rice is rich in fiber and lot more important minerals and vitamins. For example, if you cook 100 grams of brown rice that mean it provides 1.8 grams of fiber, whereas 100 grams of white rice have 0.4 gram of fibers. Impressive right! So take a look to know more:

Nutrients White rice Brown rice
Portion size 174 g/per cup 195g/per cup
Calories 169 216
Fiber(g) 1.7 3.5
Protein 3.5 5.0
Omega 3 (mg) 5.2 27.3
Omega 6 (mg) 115 603
Fat (g) 0.3 1.8

The list below shows a comparison of other vitamins and minerals:

Vitamins/minerals White rice Brown rice
Thiamine(mg) 0.0 0.2
Folate (mcg) 1.7 7.8
Vitamin B6(mg) 0.0 0.3
Niacin(mg) 0.5 3.0
Iron(mg) 0.2 0.8
Manganese(mg) 0.5 1.8
Zinc(mg) 0.7 1.2
Phosphorus(mg) 13.9 162
Magnesium(mg) 8.7 83.9

As per above table description, it is clear that brown rice has a little more of everything that makes it more nutritious ….but keep in mind that will be an insignificant amount. But, apart from above nutrients it also has some antinutrients that block the absorption of vitamins and minerals. In that case, white rice goes best!

Brown rice vs White rice

Other Health benefits:

Effect on diabetes and blood sugar level

As we all know that brown rice is very effective to cure diabetes and blood sugar level. That’s all because brown rice is a rich source of magnesium and fiber. One study conducted on overweight Asians results that those who ate whole grain regularly then white rice witnessed a successful reduction in their blood glucose level. But if you are white rice lover …….then you can do one thing limit the portion of it or choose a low GI (high glycemic index) variety like white basmati rice.

For those who want to lose weight

Brown rice is a healthier option for those who want to look slim by shedding some pounds. Brown rice is a whole grain variety which is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats. Moreover, Brown rice is the best suited for those who found difficulty in controlling hunger pangs. If you make a habit of eating brown rice daily it may significantly reduce body mass index, reduce body weight and most importantly reduce the circumference of waist and hips. The white rice benifits body building because it is almost phytic acid-free and also easy digested ….all this shows that white rice is not a bad option for weight watcher if its portion is taken in limited quantity.

Good for teeth and bones

When we talking about nutrients brown rice has more nutrients than white rice…No doubt! Magnesium is one of the nutrients that are four times more in brown rice as compared to white rice that helps to maintain stronger bones and teeth.

The Bottom line of Brown rice and white rice

After carefully analyzing the pros and cons of brown rice and white rice, I conclude that Differences between both the varieties of rice are negligible and both have their own advantages. It is clear that brown rice is not the king and white rice doesn’t deserve all the hate from you…..for that, all you can do is a compromise with their portion size. In fact, in most cases, white rice considered good over brown rice like it has less phytic content or arsenic content and also has good to digest.

So, at the end, I can only say in the context of Brown Rice vs White Rice which one is better? Is that you can’t blame or compliment any of the rice types. Fairly, how a cup of white rice won’t make you fat, like how a cup of brown rice won’t make you look better. I think you should eat the type of rice you like the most. If you take my advice I simply say that basmati or jasmine rice going to be a perfect choice.

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