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How to dissolve Kidney stones naturally

Stones in the Kidney somewhat become a common problem now a days. At least 10% of the world population have this problem once in their lifetime and try to find out how to dissolve kidney stones naturally without surgery. Are you one of those Unlucky 10% people and want some effective and natural way to solve your problem? Then friends don’t worry you are in right place. Clap*Clap*

Actually, Kidney performs an important function in our body. In simple words, we can say that Kidney is like “garbage collectors” of the body. That means kidney is very useful but sometimes a person suffering from the most severe problem of the kidney that is kidney stones which may ruin your kidney. So treat it as soon as possible. That severe pain Ouch! Urge to urinate, OOPS! blood in Urine these are few symptoms that happen by stone. If you take my advice I always endorse you that before undergoing any surgery or any alternative solution…..Once try below given natural methods. Friends get ready to say goodbye to those pain and discomfort situation that kidney stone gave to you…! For that keep reading the article!


Hydration! Hydration! and Hydration!

It’s always the best idea to drink lots of water because the basic cause of Kidney stones is dehydration (Find out how much water intake required for your daily intake). Water is the solution of various problems. If you do not take the proper amount of water, urine becomes more concentrated with those minerals and substance that are generally removed through Urine. So, what if Urine is concentrated? Is this question comes in your mind…..well If your Urine is concentrated that means those minerals and substance calcify and start binding with each other than in Future detected as Stones. So I don’t think there is any difficulty to understand that How drinking water is beneficial for your body.

According to experts 8-10 glasses of water is sufficient for your daily intake. But sometimes a person like me always forgets to track daily water intake. So guys always remember this general rule that …The darker your Urine, the more water you need. If your urine becomes clear ……that means you are drinking enough amount of water. And believe me with just drinking water you can solve your kidney stone treatment at home.


This is one of the magical ingredients that not only effective to treat your Kidney stones but also effective for your overall health. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) have astringent properties that make harder for kidney stones to develop and if you ingest it daily the acid present in ACV helpful to dissolve Kidney stones naturally.

How to take:

Add 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 4 cups of water just to make it dilute. You can also add natural sweeteners such as honey or stevia powder. You have to take this tonic as a first thing in the morning and take it before your meal (Either before lunch and Dinner).

Important Tip: Hey Guys…Before using ACV don’t forget to follow this tip that ACV is not good for your tooth enamel and esophagus tissue if you consumed this type of vinegar in concentrated form. So always try it in diluted form. And moreover, if you are Diabetic or blood pressure (Bp) patient this remedy is not meant for you.


Waooo that red color fruit …..I seriously love this fruit! It’s too delicious. There is no doubt that pomegranate fruit gives us immense benefits for our health. What’s not to love in this fruit? Its seeds, its juice everything is useful for the treatment of kidney stones. Pomegranates are full of antioxidants and have astringent properties that help to protect free radicals from damaging.

How to have it:

If you are at risk of Kidney stones drink its juice or eat at least two pomegranates every day to break up kidney stones. REMEMBER always take fresh organic pomegranate fruit or opt to drink freshly extracted squeezed juice. Euuuuu….what happened you don’t like pomegranate seeds? Well, don’t worry as most of the people don’t like seeds. Then how you get nutrients from its seeds? Hmmm….I also have a solution for that! What you need to do grind one tablespoon of pomegranate seeds into a fine paste. Then it’s easy to swallow. You can also have this paste with horse gram (Miracle Pulse) soup. Shhhh….Listen to your Kidney! He thanks to you!


There are a number of health remedies that are available to cure kidney stones but Kidney beans are an excellent remedy that flushing out Kidney stones out from your body. Moreover, According to doctors or nutritionist experts recommended this for kidney stones and have been utilized for ages as a medicinal use. Kidney beans look similar to the kidney in shapes and color, so maybe this is one of the reasons that it is good for your kidney health. These are not only high in fiber but also a great source of minerals, vitamins B and also non-animal proteins.

How to have it:

Make it a point to eat freshly soaked or boiled kidney beans don’t consume canned beans because this contains excess sodium that is not good for your kidney. Try to eat one cup full bowl of kidney beans, you can have it in the form of soup or also in salads whatever you like.

Important Tip: Don’t keep these boiled kidney beans more than 24 hours as it may lose its therapeutic properties.

kidney Stones


This combination of home remedy is basically used to remove gallbladder stones but you can also use this remedy if your kidney stones are not too large in size, this is effective for small size stones. Well, how this combo of remedy helps to remove your stones? Actually Lemon is a rich source of citric acid which is effective to break down and dissolve the kidney stones. While greasiness of the olive oil will helps the stone to flush them out through the urethra.

How to have it:

To make a solution add four tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon and add an equal amount of Olive oil that will be followed by plenty amount of water. Once you have done with this process try to drink this solution twice or thrice in a day.

Important Tip: We just recommend that drink this solution maximum for three days. If you don’t feel well immediately consult your doctor.


Do you know that in an Asian country (India) People used to worship Basil leaves?  This is because it has tremendous medicinal properties. Moreover, after research on basil leaves Doctors and scientists prove that basil leave is effective to treat your kidney stones along with various ailments.

How to have it:

You can either chew 2-3 leaves of basil leaves daily first thing in the morning. Otherwise, you can also drink basil leave a drink. For making a tea…add 5-6 leaves in boiling water and steep it for about 10 minutes. For enhancing its taste you can add honey.

While using above given home remedies, you must understand that kidney stone is not something that should be taken lightly. So before using any remedies, it is important to know the chemical nature and type of stone you are dealing with. If your pain increasing day-by-day and persist for a longer period of time, Treat yourself with pain relief tablets (above home remedies) otherwise without wasting time immediately consult your doctor. Moreover, this is a tip for pregnant or expecting mothers that don’t do any of above remedies by your own….always consult your doctor first. I completely understand …if you get a kidney stone, you’re Gonna have a hard time! Don’t worry with these natural health remedies these stones too shall pass. So the above article how to dissolve kidney stones naturally without surgery going to be helpful for your health so enjoy each and every remedy without any worry!

Have a good and healthy life ahead!


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