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health benefit of sex

Are you wondering what I am talking about Health Benefits and that will be with sex! But, believe me, what you are reading interesting health benefits of having regular sex is 100% true statement. With sex, you not only feel good but also make your life good. The benefit of sex ranges from dropping our mood or stress levels to decreasing risk of cancer and heart attacks! Amazing No! So, if sex is not a priority for you, then you have to put it at the top of you to do list because this illicit affair can save your life. You still don’t agree? Well, here are few interesting health benefits of sex that might not have known.


Burst Stress Bubbles:

Life is stressful, but who likes stress! At least not me! To reduce stress level people may do meditation, yoga or may be a morning walk (I prefer). But do you know a daily sex session also gives you stress-free life and this is proven? Well, according to a study conducted by the University of Paisley in Scotland, individual who had sex daily coped better with stress than those who did not. OK, let me tell you how it works. Actually, during sex, your body produces dopamine (hormone that fights stress), endorphins (happiness hormone) and oxytocin is produced in your pituitary glands. After having a sex you really feel good, so are you ready to burst your stress bubbles!

Make your skin healthy and younger:

To look younger we do lots of things like buy expensive products, prepare face packs or may use lots of makeup……probably because we want to hide those aging lines or wrinkles. Most people also opt. surgeries….well I don’t think these are good options to look younger because if surgery is not going well it may deteriorate your skin. So why don’t you choose safe and enjoyable treatment? Yeah, you heard it right “SEX” is one of the safest and effective ways to make your skin healthy and younger.
According to research that is conducted in PATH Medical Centre in New York City found that during sex your body release a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Moreover, this hormone helps to heal the damage that is caused by sun rays. Another study found that people who have sex at least two times a week, look 12 times younger than those who rarely have sex.

How to get a better Sleep:

When don’t you get proper sleep what you do? Maybe drink chamomile tea or do lots of exercises. But, you know what Sex do the same for you. Ever wonder when both of you intimate together you immediately konks out after sex. This is because oxytocin and prolactin released during orgasm which makes an easier time falling asleep after having a sex. Sex could be another thing that is useful for the people who are suffering from Insomnia. So, guys, it’s time to increase your ZZZZZ’s.

Interesting health benefits of having regular sex

Keep your heart healthy:

If you love your partner and want that He/She lives 100 years or more than that? Then sex is the only way that helps! Sex is considered as the best aerobic exercise that is good for your hearts health. In fact, according to various studies, it is found that couple who had sex at least two times in a week were less likely to suffer from a heart attack as compared to those who did not enjoy sex.
According to scientist sexual activities helps to keep your hormones (estrogen and testosterone) in check. When these hormone levels are out of balance then it will increase the risk of heart rate and another disease too. To enjoy the glow of good health, you must enjoy sex!

Pain relief management:

OK, when you had a long day and you are too tired or suffering from a headache…..what you say to your partner when they ask for sex? Obviously! You say “No” Honey not tonight today you are suffering from pain Right! But friends change this statement from now onwards because Sex is another cool way that helps to reduce your pain. So next time what would you say? Yes, honey thanks for asking I need it!
While performing sex oxytocin is the hormone that releases endorphins that helpful to decrease pain (Especially Headache), apart from this sex is also speed up the healing process of stubborn sores or wounds (Mostly in diabetic patients). Next time whenever you are suffering from pain don’t go to your medicine cabinet. Just try this quick remedy first!

Boost Your Immunity:

Sex is equal to fewer sick days…..that mean more you do sex lesser you fall sick and your immunity becomes stronger. Don’t believe …..OK then try it by your own? Guys do you heard the famous old saying “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Obviously “Yes” right! But according to me, it should turn into “Having sex once or twice a week boosts levels of an antibody (Immunoglobulin A)” Lolzzz! Immunoglobulin basically fights off with cold and other infections (caused by viruses and bacteria). So get ready to make a bedroom date with your honey! As it not only cure your runny nose or infection but also gives you pleasure.

Increase Brain Power:

Do you ever notice your grandparents…… with increasing age start losing their memory? And the most frequent statement you heard from them is “My Mind does not remember anything” well this may be because they do not enjoy sex anymore. An active sexual life actually makes your brain work better. The researcher found that sex increases blood circulation in the brain and also activates analytical and thinking mode.
I Hope you get a huge knowledge from this article and now you are aware of the interesting health benefits of regular sex. Apart from these health benefits of sex, it is also helpful to make the relationship with you and your partner more understanding and strong. I bet next time when you are in a party everyone going jealous from your bonding. So what are you thinking get these awesome health benefits of sex and Spend your best time under the sheets!

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