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How to get Dimples on Cheeks Naturally

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to tell you about amazing exercise secrets that enhance the beauty of your face. Everyone wants to increase beauty right! And I am sure you all are curious to know what I am talking about? What is that secret? Actually, in this topic, I am gonna tell you about how to get dimples on cheeks naturally! Interesting isn’t it!

It’s always happened to me whenever I see celebrities or any normal persons with dimples, they always steal my heart! I think we can all agree that dimples are quite adorable and provide a cute look for the face…….or undeniable these are desired by all. Now, I am going to share few celebrity names that have cute little dots on their face they are Jennifer Garner, Deepika Padukone, Ariana Grande, Pretty Zinta, Miranda Kerr and much more that look adorable with dimples.

Some people want to have dimples and undergoing surgery but as I always recommend that not to choose surgery as it may also have some side effects if you cannot find the best surgeons. Moreover, their rates are so high normal people don’t even think to take these expensive surgeries. Although we wonder how to get dimples on cheeks naturally. So let’s go here I am with few methods/ Exercises that going to help you a lot!

How To Get Dimples Naturally Without Surgery

I am always been trying to figure out how I can have these dimples. Actually, I want to become one of them who can flash smile and sway onlookers off their feet. Do you know! That dimples are genetic defects that are caused by shortened facial muscles. But this cute defect loved and wanted by all of us, isn’t it! I don’t prefer surgery so after a deep research I found few natural methods that I also want to share with you…

Few exercises to get dimples

Suck up your cheeks

This exercise surely gives you natural dimples if you repeat this exercise on daily basis. To practice this exercise you need to suck your lips. How will you do this? Well imagine when you eat something sore like lemon, then your lips should be in a slight pout and the cheeks should be sucked in. This is very simple and you can do it at any time. So, whenever you do this exercise repeat it for 10 minutes each time. Try this exercise many times daily to get desirable results.

Use pen to get dimples- make sure back of the pen

This is the process through which temporary dimples can be formed. For this first, you have to locate the area on cheeks where the intentions are the deepest and where you wish to place the dimples. Use the back of the pen to create the hollow on the cheeks. At the time of placing the pen, you need to give wide smile. Use two pens and place it over your two cheeks. Hold it for 2-3 minutes and then and remove and then again hold the pen against cheeks. This exercise needs lots of patience this will definitely work.

Smile wide

I think a smile is the most precious thing we have on our face and when on smile we get dimples it will explore bloom right! So start practicing this smile daily. To practice this daily stand in front of mirror and smile as broad as you can. Remember to smile wide just like you stretch the muscles at the corner of your mouth, it is a great tip on how to get dimple naturally on cheeks.

Press your cheeks with index finger

This is another popular technique to get dimples in check naturally. This technique is similar to a pen technique as I tell you earlier. Look at the spot where you want to get dimples. Press the spot with your index finger and keep it press with five minutes. After 5 minutes give a rest and then again put the index fingers on your cheeks. Repeat this process about 20 times and after few days you will definitely find the little dimple formation.

Pout a lot

Today’s everywhere we see around, we see girls used to make pouts in their selfies. But you know what this is a good method if you also want to have dimples. So next time make a pout with your girly friends and enhance your beauty in selfies! Do this several time in a day and gradually you will see a good appearance of a dimple when you smile.

Dimples on cheeks

Other methods to get dimples

Fix it with make-up

This is the quickest trick to get dimples on your cheeks. You need to mark a dot where you want to get dimples. Use a dark brown pencil or eyeliner. According to makeup experts, the brown color should be perfectly blended with the skin so rather than choosing other colors to choose a brown color. Following are few makeup tips when it comes to how to get dimples on cheeks naturally:

  • Make a crescent-moon shape:

After placing the dot over your cheeks it’s time to move on to the next step. And your next step will be to draw a small curve mark (Just like a half moon line). It’s always the best if you use same pencil color that you used to make a dot.

  • Time to adjust the line:

This step is important to verify the position of dimples. If there is any mistake with regards to your drawing, then friends it’s time for adjustment. For that again take the pencil remove old drawing and redraw it. If you are not a perfectionist then it is obvious that you have to do this process so many times, so have patience.

  • Eye shadow and blush:

Once the line and drawing are in perfect position, then it’s time to apply eye shadow and blush just to make your unnatural dimple natural. For this, you need to know about proper technique. Smudge your drawing in such a way that it blend completely with your skin with just a small illusion of dimples. Critique your new dimples in the mirror- smile in the mirror it will feel like you have a dimple on your cheeks.

Dimple piercing

Yeah, this is not a natural method but should be one of the good methods for those who love piercing. I never recommend this method for you, but just for your information that you also get your dimple by this technique, I tell you about this technique. If you still want to go for piercing for your dimple then it’s better not to do it at home, rather it’s important to choose reputable, qualified professionals. Along with that, you need to keep in mind that there are possibilities of infections too…… do a ton of research if you think that this is the best answer of how can I get dimples on my cheeks without surgery.


It is always seems that when anyone who have dimples lose weight or gain weight also start losing their dimples. So for that you need to focus on your diet. According to experts for dimples Men need about 6%-12% of body fat while women need 3%-20% body fat. So first get to know about your fat percentage.
For that you need to limit the junk, sugars, and processed foods in your diet and add healthy diet such as Nuts, vegetables, grains, lean meats, fruits and plant proteins. Moreover, start drinking more than 8 glass of water daily.

Hope you like this article and learnt easy ways of How to get dimples on cheeks naturally and from this article you will get temporary dimples for sure! Practice these tips as many times as you wish. In this practice patience is the key to success. Keep in mind longer you do these exercises, the sooner you will get good and effective results.
Everybody in the world love dimples, so flaunt it with nice big smile!

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