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How to get fit at home

Hello my beautiful ladies,

Today I am here to discuss on the topic How to get fit at home easily. Obviously you all wants to know about this right! but before starting the blog I just want to say that “Fitness is begins from home”. 

Don’t you think our moms are too busy…and if you are a mommy then obviously you also observe this in your life that you can’t even get enough time for your body? You don’t go out for gymming, or for morning walk as you have to take care of your kids, husbands. SALUTE TO ALL MOMMIES as they spend whole of their life for running the households.

I do lots of research for my mom so that she become fit and healthy….and you can’t believe after searching How to get fit at home I found that getting fit at home is easier than I thought. Seriously it is!

You might not have an idea of doing household chores, but new research claims that dusting, cleaning, vacuuming and mopping with gusto are similarly good for you as any session at the gym. So if you don’t get enough time to lift weights at the gym simply substitute them in your everyday household task…..You know what? It also gives another benefit too. What was that? Well, most of our Indian ladies are much tensed with their maids, sometimes they not able to come or sometimes they don’t do their work properly. So why don’t you start doing your household work by your own? It’s just like a “Killing two birds with one stone”. These tasks will not only tone your muscles but also burn up to 315 calories an hour.

Sound unbelievable? Right! But I personally test this trick on my mom and it really works. Now, who doesn’t want that trick? Without making so much effort you will get perfect shape of your body. I want to give you a piece advice…… if you are a girl and not get enough time for your gym simply start helping your mom with these household chores. Believe me, you don’t need to go to the gym again because with this trick your body comes in shape. Hurrayyy! So are you ready to know these helpful household exercises!!



Wait-Wait why you pick “the stick of mopping” Keep it aside and go back to the traditional way of cleaning the floor. Simply get down on your all fours like an animal and start scrubbing the floor by stretching your arms. While moving your hands in forwarding direction stretch your torso as far as you can by keeping your stomach muscles tight. You can’t believe but in reality, this home exercise burnt 266 calories in an hour. Seriously! Just within a short period of time! You can easily get rid of that stubborn fat that was stopping you from flaunting a flat belly as your abs going to love this workout.


Are you shocked? How you can do squats? However, you don’t have time for exercises at home to lose weight? Well…..You can do squats at home by doing your household activities. At home, you may find innumerable chances where you need to bend to do some task. I bet you never noticed this thing earlier, Do you?

Don’t scroll your head I tell you who you do squat by doing your household work. Actually squat exactly means is bending down on your heels right! So REMEMBER don’t skip those instances when you bend down to get things either that are from the bottom drawer of your kitchen drawers, from your fridge cabinet, from your wardrobe or from a washing machine. All these situations are when squat, so just hold this pose for few second before standing. Try to do at least 20 to 30 squats every day. This process actually burns 60- 150 calories in an hour. So instead of bending your back squat wherever and whenever you get time.


Do you like washing Dishes? I don’t think anyone love doing this. But if you want to look fit and healthy just start loving doing this household activity. Just take the sponge in your hands and start scrubbing those un-cleaned dishes. If you are allergic to dishwasher detergent we have a solution for you…..Buy plastic gloves from the market (Easily Available) and wore them before washing dishes.
If you love dancing….turn on your music system and add some dancing steps while doing this process…Keep in mind don’t break your dishes while dancing LoL! In the middle of dishwashing, you can add few shoulder movements which are helpful to get your arms in shape. You may burn approximate 80-100 calories. So I don’t think it is a bad deal! What you say?

How to get fit at home


Do you live in a ground floor house or in top floor? Well, I am asking this question because if you are life in top floor you are lucky! HOW? This is because you have stairs! Yup, you read it right….Stairs play an important role in losing your weight. It’s hard to believe but 30 minutes of climbing stairs is a great cardiovascular activity that actually burns 285 calories. So skip using of elevators and make the best deal with stairs. Use Stairs as many times you can, it’s not less than a working device that most people use in their gym and probably it will solve your problem of how to make perfect body without gym.


Weight Training! And that will be at home! Getting confused? Well, consider all those moments when you pick those heavy grocery bags, laundry bags, those dirt heavy garbage bags and many more weights you carry all the day. You never thought about this before right! So next time whenever you have heavy bags in your hand start doing arm exercise. I don’t think anything better way than this. So, just turn on your exercise mode “ON” at home.


In this gadget world….everyone loves gadgets. Microsoft band is one of the most effective to reach your health and fitness and you don’t need anything special for that….just tie this band on your wrist and that’s it! This band actually tracks your heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and even your sleep quality. Apart from this device also tell you about the calories burned while you are working out at home So, don’t you think this device is a wonderful thing to track your progress!


At the end, I gonna provide a Fitness mantra you can do at home. Actually, you can burn a number of calories at home but all depends upon the speed of doing your work. Always keep in mind whenever you do any household chore; gradually increase the speed of your work. Whenever you move around the house try to walk briskly. For anything that you do around the house, Remember this simple mantra to quicken your pace!

You don’t really have to hit the gym to get fit and stay in shape. How about making your household work as your workout instead? Just imagine all the money and time you’d be saving that way. Turn every nook and corner of your space into a little gym. So, Friends please don’t become shy of doing all these things REMEMBER Cinderella is beautiful and fit because she is very much involved in household activities. So why don’t you do all these activities if it gives what you want. Hope you like this article how to get fit at home So my dear busy mommies try these tips in your daily routine and feel the change.

Get Fit! Stay healthy! And ready to rock the world!

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