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How to lose weight easily at home

Hey, Everyone!

I write this post just to remove your “J (JEALOUSY)” factor. Yup“ that So called Jealousy”…Don’t you feel jealous from those who reduce their weight either 2 pound or more than 10-30 pounds without making any efforts….Obviously, everyone does even I sometimes jealous. This jealousy part comes especially when we do lots of things but our weight not reduces even a half pound….Just an extremely sad situation isn’t! Well I know what your mind thinking 24/7 How to lose weight easily at home Am I right! Don’t worry it’s too easy!

I Know! I know! You are thinking like what bullshit I am talking about! as you do lots of things and don’t able to reduce your weight and I say that “Losing weight is easy”…..what the hell I am talking about right! But friends…… believe me I mean it!  For that, first you have got to learn to control your brain and say shut up. Because most of the time when you were going to eat something your brain make you confused and at the end, you eat those things that are not going with your body.

Actually, everyone’s body is different from one another if anyone eats something that reduces their weight but may be not perfect with your body. So, before assuming anything for your body consult your doctor that will tell you about everything about your body’s nutritional requirement.Till then we are going to tell you about few reasons of your weight loss!

Following things are not fancy or complicated for you…so let’s go and implement!


Friends according to me your body is the most precious gift you have. The more you love your body the more you get tremendous benefits from it. So start loving it first! And in return what you get is that your body love you back.

Apart from loving our body what we do basically, we get depressed by looking those fleshes of thigh and stomach and even when we can’t fit in our favorite dress CRY*CRY* Don’t be so disheartened…This is your body guys….. start spending some time with your body. Go for a walk! Take a long hour massage! Or even you can choose yoga and exercise and then notice what activity of your choice works for your body. Treat Yourself Right darling!


We all may be aware of the fact that eating less is the key to reducing weight. Especially we have to skip those mouth-watering …Yummmyy Outside meal. I completely agree as this is the most difficult task for anyone. OK once in a while you may skip your favorite fast food meal right! But when you are in your friend’s marriage or for any birthday party…Do you capable of skipping those fatty or fast foods. I don’t think do you do!

Well, if your goal is to reduce weight you need to control your taste buds as this is the fastest way to lose weight ….you can do one thing! In marriages or parties, there are lot more options of salads or fruits …so opt. them rather than any heavy or fatty meal. But if you take my opinion just always prefer to eat “That homely food”. As our ancestor always says, that “MODERATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS” and guess in this case it works.


Seriously! By taking help of your loved ones you may on your track of losing weight. How can this happen? Well, ask your best Friend or your loved one that he/she keep an eye on your eating habits…..Like! Stop you whenever he/she sees you munching chips, or taking a bite of high-calorie chocolates. This is one of the best ways to lose weight.
Most importantly they help you to wake you early in the morning for a morning walk… because if you alone thinking of taking a pledge of getting up early in the morning….Believe me, you never do it! So take someone’s help and trust me it going to help you a lot.

How to lose weight easily at home


The biggest mistake of our life is – We always prefer to take people’s advice or listen to them…..I can’t say that everyone is wrong, or don’t take their advice! NO, but just wants to say that everyone has their own goals about their weight loss.

In your day-to-day life, you met a number of people who have different pieces of advice for your weight loss. Some may say that you need to do this; you need to do that and totally make you confused. Just ignore such peoples honestly. In such case, you can do one thing just ask to them that the way you follow to reduce weight does not only give you a shape but also helpful for your skin too….and believe me after doing this activity those people start taking tips from you guys! Cool isn’t!


Girls are seriously so emotional. When they notice that their body start losing its shape they immediately stop wearing beautiful short dresses. They’d start wearing huge clothes, start buying clothes bigger than their actual size. Please Girls don’t do that!
Just keep in Mind that you are still beautiful and dress up for yourself and for those who wants to see you happy. So, never stopped doing this….as this will keep you happy. Cheer up, girls!


I must say that if you were thinking in the same way that with starving you reduce your body, then my dear girls! You are wrong. If you go on a crash diet you would only invite wrinkles, acne, stretch marks and lots of deficiencies.
You can lose weight, sustain your energy and have your ideal body in shape….rather than eating 1 or 2 large ones in a day prefer to eat smaller 5 times a day. For that make smart choices like nuts instead of chips, milk based sweets instead of chocolates and whole wheat instead of white flour. I guess this is a very basic idea and your mother helps you a lot to provide the list of such healthy food lists. One of the most using Tip to lose weight at home!


When we are in the race of weight loss, we lose patience very easily…..Seriously! Sometimes you won’t follow your diet or workouts and you quit your journey of weight loss. Friends if you feel tired of doing the same routine just take a gap of one day and just out to the park not for workouts, yoga or exercise but just for a walk, take a walk for 15-20 minutes. This little walk would keep you organized both physically and mentally and next day you are ready to start your previous routine of diet or workouts. Really it sounds simple but works well!

So, what you think losing weight is easy or not? Well, these are really simple and effective way to reduce your weight. Seriously! Get ready and try above given tips of How to lose weight easily at home and enjoy your day-to-day life. Blush*Blush*

Best of Luck with your weight loss journey!

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