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Steps To Do Flawless Makeup At Home

Hello Beautiful angels,

As this is the wedding season and all of you love getting ready for wedding or reception party right! But you might get confused especially when you want to try it on your own at home. I guess you want to learn Steps to do Flawless Makeup at home…What comes first? It’s a foundation, eye make-up or mascara. Aaaah! Lots of confusion…When I am a beginner in this make-up world I usually get confused. Don’t worry! If you are also facing such kind of issues then you are at right place. Here you can find Step-by-step guide on how you can do your makeup at home for occasions.

Even most of you may avoid doing your make-up at home because you are little bit feel that what if make-up is not going well? What if it does not go with your skin type? After struggling lots of questions finally you decided to go to the parlor and spend lots of money to get that flawless make-up. But friends believe me applying make-up is not a rocket science you can easily do it by your own …For that, you just need few make-up things and a good advice. And believe me, when you are in a party everyone comes to you and ask …from where you get ready? Hehehehe, and your both index fingers pointed towards you and your friends get shocked! Lolz. So, please try at least once…Nothing bad can happen from trying!


Before start your make-up, I think preparing your skin is the first step you can do. So let’s have a look how to do it.

Step 1: Cleanses your face:

First and the foremost step you can do for your skin is CLEANSING. Choose mild or herbal face wash according to your skin type. Wash you face with warm water and face wash because hot or cold water may abrasive to your skin. The actually logic behind hydrating/cleansing your skin is that it gives better skin, due to which you will need actually less make-up. After washing it with water you can also apply cleanser (Matched your skin).

  • For Oily Skin: Use an oil based cleanser (reduce oil production)
  • If your skin is Dry: Use moisturizing cream cleansers.
  • For Normal Skin: Choose any gentle cleanser.

Step 2: Use toner:

You may hear from various people that it is an additional step but it’s not! If you really want to make your skin smooth apply toner as it reduces the appearance of your pores and also maintains pH balance of your skin. Keep in mind there are lots of toners available in the market but don’t buy any of them as these are available with alcohol or without alcohol always see its ingredient list. Prefer to buy alcohol-free toner if you love your skin. Otherwise, the homemade toner is the best one.

Step 3: Apply Moisture:

Moisturizer is always recommended by beauty experts as it is an integral part of skin care. It helps to protect your skin from chemicals. Again I suggest you choose moisturizer wisely according to your skin type.

  • Oily skin: oil-free gel moisturizer
  • Dry skin: Light weight cream moisturizer
  • Acne prone skin: Choose moisturizer with salicylic acid
  • If you wash your face before going to bed: try a heavier moisturizer
  • Love to heading outside: Choose a moisturizer that contains sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher.

Important Tip: Above Preparation tips for skin is when you have lots of time for Party. But, If Not! Then you can also do a quick Fix. Want to know? Well, it is your wet wipes to clean your face. It will be a good alternative for your skin, but make sure your wipes are alcohol and perfume free.

Now after doing CTM (Cleansing, Toning, and moisturizing) Steps, It’s time to move on to the main step that is make-up applying step.

Steps to do flawless makeup at home


Step 1: Know Your Skin Type:

In this make-up world, it’s very important to know your skin type. Suppose if your skin is oily and you apply water based product over your face…Do you think it works? Well, this is the basic science that oil does not mix with water, oil always floats over your skin. So before buying any make-up product knows your skin types…..don’t buy what your friend buy because every person has different skin type. Once you get all make-up products according to your skin type let’s start applying these products.

Step 2: Applying Primer:

Do you know what primer is? Why is it used? Primer is a make-up product that is used to fill the pores of the skin that helps to smoothen your skin. How to apply it? Well, dab a little amount of primer onto your cheeks, chin, and forehead. You can also take a help of foundation brush or your fingertips. This step helps to keep your make-up for the last longer and also make a barrier between your skin and a foundation. After primed your face, now it’s time to apply Foundation.

Step 3: Choose the right foundation:

This is one of the hardest things to do ever while doing make-up….Sigh! Choosing the right type of foundation according to your skin tone is harder than choosing a right type of life partner. There are various forms of foundation available in market …Liquid, cream or in powder form. For example, if you have dry skin…choose cream or oil based foundation and if your skin oily use mattifying foundation (sometimes it may make your skin too dull) and liquid foundation are good for oily skin. Make sure when you going to use liquid or cream foundation set it with a loose powder so that your foundation stay for a whole day.

Wait-Wait One more information I want to give you that don’t focus only on your face…..Match your foundation to your neck also. Because it seems like you wear a face mask.

Step 4: Use concealers:

As the name suggest that it is used to conceal any spots or cover up acne, red spots, or dark circles under your eyes. If you want light coverage use concealer stick and of you want heavier coverage to use it with foundation and blend it with the help of a make-up brush. Always buy a concealer that matches with foundation otherwise buy both concealer and foundation of the same brand.

Important Tip: After applying concealer or foundation check whether you need to apply anything else. If all ok! Then ready to apply color to the cheeks!

Step 5: Apply brush on the apples of your cheeks:

To get a natural look its always important to apply blush right after applying foundation. For simply smile (to know the high rise point of your cheeks) and use the long smooth brush over your cheeks with light handed. I again emphasize that choose everything according to your skin tone. For example, if you have a fair complexion always choose to apply a baby pink color blush and if your skin tone line mine (Medium skin tones) apply apricot and mauve blushes. It’s always better to apply an orange peach or rose pink color if you have olive toned skin. Dark skin tones look best when they apply purples and brick reds.

Step 6: Smearing Eyeshadow:

Friends it’s an essential part of the makeup and it needs lots of practice. You can’t do it at once. Keep in mind before applying eyeshadow prime your eyelids with an eye primer. You can skip primer but if your skin is oily then this is the compulsory step for you. Once you are done with a primer on your lids, apply a golden eyeshadow on eyelids and blend it completely.

  • If you want a simple look: use non-shimmery and natural colors like nudes, browns, pastels or taupe.
  • For those party occasions: Use Shimmery, wine shades, green, reds, and blues these look great for your party look.
  • Choose shades that match your skin tone and eye color. Always keep in mind that warm skin tone always goes best with earthy colors while cool. After applying eyeshadow, it’s time to move on to eyeliners.

Step 7: Use Eyeliner to enhance the beauty of eyes:

This step needs lots of practice so be patience while doing this step. First, you need to buy smudge free eyeliner that won’t wear off throughout the day. You can apply eyeliners in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Cat eyes eyeliners are so in now a day so for that, you need to use liquid eyeliner to draw them.
  • You may also draw thin eyeliner along with your lashes. Apart from liquid eyeliner, there are gel eyeliners are also available in the market.
  • If you love to apply different eyeliners you can do it! Various shades of eyeliner commercially available.

Step 8: Time to curl those lashes:

This step gives the final touch to your eye makeup for that use your eyelash curler to gently curl your lashes. After using lash curler apply mascara. If you want a natural look to choose dark brown mascara, but nowadays everyone loves smoky eyes so for that you can choose carbon black mascara.

Step 9: Use Lipstick or lip gloss:

In this generation applying dark color is totally in! But before apply any shade of lipstick checks out your lips. Make sure they won’t be chapped or dry…..If they are chapped rub your lips either with a toothbrush or with soaked washcloth just to remove dead skin. Then apply lip balm (remove excess of a balm with paper or napkin). Once you have done with all these tricks…apply lipsticks.

After applying all these steps to do flawless makeup at home, walk with confidence and don’t forget to spread your million dollar smile! Hope these easy steps helped you on how to do a perfect makeup and with this guide, you will do flawless makeup in no time…..So, Stay stylish!

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