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Vaginal Health issues

Hello ladies,

How all are you doing? Are you doing well with your personal/vaginal hygiene? In fact, the vaginal health issue is serious among women and every woman must know. Actually, as we all know that vaginal health is the most important aspect of overall health for women. Being healthy is about taking care of your body and every part is beautiful and deserves your care and attention, so always pamper it because any type of infection can lead to a serious health issue.

No matter how educated we are and how well we follow the latest trend/fashion when it comes to our personal health most of the women like you and I ignore these types of issues. Because somehow we believe that these are normal but friends this is as much as important as your other health issues. So, next time whenever you notice any below given sign on your vagina consider them as your priority to do! 

Here are few things every woman should know about her vaginal part


Have any of you ladies had numbness in your private parts? Numbness actually means lack of sensation in the vagina. According to doctors most people who bike a lot or do frequent cycling have this kind of problem, so if you love biking or cycling make sure your seats are made up of padded seats or try to avoid cycling as much as you can.

Bumps and lumps

Ouch, that bump just behind your V region, it’s hurting but you can’t identify them easily.  These bumps may be caused by ingrown hair –you may have them mostly at the time when you shaved and waxed them. This may also happen due to wrong technique, hence make sure you go to a good grooming salon just to avoid such kind of painful problems.

What to do:
If you feel ingrown hair is your culprit simply apply warm compress just to solve this Problem. But make sure with this trick if you don’t feel any change in your situation or you bump start enlarging and getting red then don’t take it on the lighter side, get up and see the doctor or gynecologist immediately.

Your vagina is so dry

Sometimes you may feel dryness in your vagina and this is escorted by various symptoms such as burning sensation, soreness, and itching etc. These symptoms may cause by yeast and bacterial infection. To remove dryness out from your vagina, you need to use lubricants but make sure these lubricants only recommended by your doctor.

Odorous Vaginal discharge

These are a very common vaginal issue that every woman face once in its lifetime. Actually, your vagina is quite acidic between pH 3.8-4.2, so it’s very important to protect your vagina from infection. Don’t be afraid or don’t be panic…’s perfectly normal for a health of your vagina that to a certain extent. Few women’s are even sensitive to their own vaginal disorder and start washing their v region frequently but according to experts by doing frequent washing may increase its pH that will lead to fishy odour.

What to do:
To balance pH use natural remedies as they are free from chemicals and safe for your vagina. Moreover, avoid using perfumed or chemical containing soaps.

You may feel pain during your precious movement

I always gave you one advice, always practice safe sex- as bacteria and virus can find their way easily into your vagina and cause infections. This pain is very deep which may be felt outside the vagina or internally. Few women’s even just with a thinking of sex start feeling pain. But ladies don’t be so panic…..just keep calm and relax.

What to do:
I know this is the very embarrassing situation and most women feel shy to visit doctors. But friend’s gynecologists are the one who determines the cause of your pain and provides you appropriate medication.

Eat healthy and well- you’re vaginal really need it

Actually, good food is good for your V region as food can helps to prevent vaginal infections and vaginal dryness. So for your health, it is necessary to eat and drink good options such as Cranberry juice, soy products, and sweet potatoes, lemon, nuts yogurt. If you want to keep your vagina healthy and odour free includes these foods in your diet list.

Vaginal Health issues

How to solve your vaginal issue at home

Tea tree oil

If you use deodorants or scented wipes to clean your vaginal area, then friends let me tell you it’s time to throw these deodorants in the trash. Because these scented products contain harmful chemicals that disrupt. So if you are really upset with vaginal odour and itching don’t forget to use Tea tree oil. This is one of the effective ways to solve vaginal issue.

How to use it:
Mix two three drops of tea tree oil in water and use this to rinse the vaginal health issues. Tea tree oil is antibacterial so it is effective to treat infections.
Another method you can use is taking a tampon and dip it in olive oil and pour 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and insert a tampon.You have to use either of these methods several times in a week.

Greek yogurt

Yogurt is it just a food but you can use it to reduce various health issues and treating vaginal health issues is one of them. It contains live and active culture that prevents your vagina from disease-causing organisms. Apart from this, it is helpful to maintain pH level in the body.

How to use it:
Always take the unsweetened type of yogurt avoid flavored one. Eat 1 or 2 cups of yogurt daily. You may also add some other types of probiotic foods such as kefir, miso, and sauerkraut.

Baking soda

I think all of you must aware with the term baking soda because it is used in various cooking products such as in cakes or in bread. But apart from cooking purposes, it is used to reduce the foul smell of your vagina and also helps to maintain pH level.

How to use:
Just take a half cup of baking soda and add it to your bathtub. Then soak your body at least for 20-30 minutes. I think this is one of the easiest methods and you don’t find any difficulty to use this method.


Whole Neem tree including Neem bark and Neem leaves is used since the ancient period of time to treat various Diseases such as smallpox, parasites, bacterial/ yeast infections, wounds and many skin related issues. So, vaginal issues are also occurring by bacterial infections this is because Neem has antibacterial properties that are useful to reduce all these problems.

How to use it:
Before using Neem leaves first wash them properly and soak these leaves in water at least 6-7 hours and then wash your personal area with this water. Instead of Neem leaves you can also use Neem barks. You may also drink this water instead of washing.

Few Tips to remember

  • Don’t forget that it is the most delicate part of your body and need proper care. So clean them gently with warm water especially during your periods.
  • Avoid using chemical containing deodorants and soaps as it hampers natural pH balance of your vagina.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable underwear, avoid tight-fitted underwear as it increases the chances of bacterial infections. Whenever you go shopping panties always buy cotton stuff panties. One more thing to remember don’t wash your panties with other cloth hand wash them separately.
  • When you are in your periods make sure to change your sanitary napkins after every 3-4 hours. If you wear your napkins more than this time span then probably there are chances then bacteria start multiplying which leads to serious health issues.
  • To maintain personal hygiene it is necessary to trim the pubic hair very often. If possible stay away from shaving creams.
  • It is necessary to urinate before and after sex just to flush out bacteria out from the urethra. Moreover, when you sex it your vagina secrete semen whose pH is slightly acidic which may cause itching and burning. So just to avoid this, wash your vagina properly after completed your sex session.
  • Don’t wipe your vaginal part from back to front because this may cause bacterial infection there. Remember to wipe from front to back and always use soft or unscented wipes and say big “No” to colored wipes.
  • But if your infection keeps on recurring it’s better to consult your doctor or gynecologist.

I know this is the very uncomfortable topic and every lady avoids this kind of topic with anyone. If you are one of those women, then I must say this article really going to help you a lot . So take a deep breath as now onwards you need not worry as I provide you full information to cure your vaginal health. And I know every woman in their lifetime feel such kind of problems so enjoy these tips of Vaginal Health issues every woman must know.
Keep all these vaginal health solutions in your pocket! And make your life beautiful!



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